The Green Deal is a new, government-backed initiative which helps meet the upfront cost of making energy saving improvements to your home. Expected energy savings, over the lifetime of the products, are then used to pay back the loan through your home’s electricity bill.

If you move the loan remains with the property as the new owners enjoy the energy saving improvements you installed. As the ‘Golden Rule’ means the expected energy savings must be greater than the cost of the improvements, you should save energy and money, as well as doing your bit for the environment.

The first steps of the Green Deal are to appoint an approved assessor to survey your property, which will in turn help you understand your home’s energy efficiency, assess how you and the people living there use it and recommend energy saving improvements that are right for your home.

Once your home has been assessed, the homeowner would appoint an approved Green Deal Installer.

Oaklan Ltd are accredited Green Deal Installers and as such meet the stringent standards of the certification. As accredited Green Deal Installers, Oaklan can install the Green Deal measures recommended in your assessors survey.